Pura Vida

“PURA VIDA”  is the most commonly used phrase in Costa Rica (statistically the happiest place on the planet). In the English language it simply translates to “pure life” although these two words have much more meaning throughout the Costa Rican culture. Before you ask, no I’m not from Costa Rica. I just feel that the phrase resinates with all the happy, real, genuine moments that I want to capture at your wedding.

Credit: Travers & Brown

Credit: Travers & Brown

HI, I’m Mike

I live in Cornwall but from our first chat you will realise I wasn’t born there. I'm from small mining town in West Yorkshire where against all odds, my first career was as a professional skier (a whole different story not to get into now).

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed being creative. I started making films to document the adventurous life I had whilst competing and training with friends all over the world. Photography naturally followed on the sidelines.

Through natural progression, I developed a style that captured the fun we had and brought our memories flooding back. Over time I advanced to using professional camera equipment and became more and more passionate about photography & filmmaking.

From my first wedding I was hooked!

As cliche as the phrase is “find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life” it’s totally true. I LOVE MY JOB. Anyone who has seen me working for more that 10 minutes at a wedding will be able to tell you they can clearly see I love what I do.

The philosophy behind my imagery is simple. I want the viewer to feel like they were there and part of the fun. I capture events as they naturally occur without telling you any BS directions. I to arrive as your photographer/videographer and leave as friends.

Life’s too short to not have fun, you may as well be able to re-live the moments again …...... Pura Vida :)