Wedding Video Music

Choosing the music for a wedding video is one of the hardest parts of my job. Not only does it set the mood and the pace of the video but it dictates how ill edit the video to suit. I have had the full spectrum from couples asking for only one specific song all the way through to "do whatever you like, you have total creative freedom". 

Most couples do like to have a part in picking music for their videos. The way I find works best is to have a playlist of 10 - 15 songs chosen by the couple and then I choose from that playlist. Plain and simply, some songs just won't translate into a good video. To most people if you were to say "wedding video music" they would go for something slow, instrumental or romantic. Im all about the love and romance, but I see a wedding day as one of the funnest days of your lives surrounded by your closest friends and family partying the night away. Why not have some music which enhances that fun and well, make the bride look like a rock star in the process. Obviously amongst a couple of romantic songs if you wish :) 

Instead of thinking of a song which you would imagine a wedding video being edited to, try and think of songs or artists that mean something to you or just songs that you love. Your first gig together, your first dance song, your favourite festival band or just a good old classic that takes you back! There are no rules when it comes to song selection, who said you have to have Ed Sheeran? The wider the selection of music, the more creative freedom I have when it comes to the edit. 



Here is an example where Nina Simone drops into Kings of Leon, a strange mix but it just works. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on music and your suggestions for alternative wedding songs. Leave a comment below 



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