How long do you shoot for at a wedding?

-       I stay for as long as it takes. I don’t like to put a time limit on my work. If I’m there to shoot your wedding I will be there early and leave late. I will shoot everything from the prep to the party and everything in between making sure I have way more awesome coverage than I’ll ever need.


  Who picks the music?

-       I usually try to pick music that represents the energy of the day. I have found from experience that having a playlist from you (10 - 15 songs) gives me an insight into the kind of music that you might like for the video. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a playlist of songs you want me to use, even a selection of your all time favorite songs is a great help/insight into your music taste. 

I’m flexible when it comes to the music, just get in touch and we can throw some ideas around. 


Why should we have a wedding video?

-       I love photos as much as everyone else but a video can capture so much more. A video can compliment photos but also it can let you re-live the details & moments which cant be captured in a still image. The way your dress moves as you walk down the isle,  the way the groom pulls the bride close for their first kiss or just how bad ass the dance moves actually were at the party. I often hear from my couples that they underestimated how much they would love having a video to remember the day. More often than not they prefer the to watch the videos back instead of looking through their photos


 How long before we get our film/photos?

-       I say 2 – 4 months as a guideline. This allows time for the editing, colour correction & final alterations. I like to say the longer the better, that way you forget details from the day. If you have Super 8 film on your day this can slow the process down because I have to wait for it to be developed first. 


   How do we book you?

-       Fill out the enquiry form or email me. I try to answer either within 24 hours. If you're happy to proceed then I will send you an online booking form/contract to complete and sign. A booking fee of £300 is required for a full confirmation of your date. 


    Do you just shoot weddings?

-       No. I’m happy to make videos and photograph just about anything. Don’t be afraid to get in touch. 


  Are you willing to travel?

-       Traveling is not a problem. As long as expenses are covered I am happy to travel nearly anywhere. I love to be at home in my own bed just like everyone else but adventure runs through my veins and I’m always happy to travel somewhere cool!