Wedding photography for people who actually want some awesome photos taking of them instead of feeling like it is just expected. Im going to keep your Instagram looking good for quite some time.

Mainly less of the bull shit and more of the fun. Avoiding the traditional posing shots as much as possible while still keeping your wedding alive in photography format. I try and cover the formal side briefly but always have an emphasis on the lols and real moments. I’m not there to re-create your parents wedding album.

I do group shots of course, I feel they are important as a documentation of that moment in time. If you want to have a conveyor belt of people coming to take group shots then I’m probably not the photographer for you. A few formals of the close family and the bridal party are always a must in my eyes even for future reference and for the next generation to see. It’s nice to mix it up though and have fun with an alternative to the group shots especially with the bridal party groups.

The party…..oh the party! There are plenty of photographers out there who stay and shoot the first dance and then leave after 5 minutes dancing. I'm not that person. Photographing the party is one of my favourite parts of the day. Documenting the whole wedding but leaving out the party is just a crime. The party is just as an important part of the day as the prep in my opinion. The dance floor is a saturated zone of epic moments, love and hugs and shit loads of reactions when people have forgotten that I’m still there. #DRUNKGUESTS

Weddings don’t just happen in 8 hours. I don’t have time limitations for my work when it comes to the big day. If you're hiring me for your wedding photography, I’m going to stay so that I can do the best possible job for you. I usually arrive 2-3 hours before the ceremony and then leave an hour or two after the dancing has started.

Couples shoot
This is is the bit that everyone dreads and then says “that was so much easier that thought it was going to be”. Let’s face it, most people aren’t super comfortable in front of the camera. Thats why I’m there to le you have your own space to be yourself. You will never hear me say “smile”. I can guarantee that I’ll tell you some rubbish jokes and take the piss a little. Generally just have a laugh together, shoot some beautiful moments and make you two look like rock stars!

Detail 2

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